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2 hours ago
Naturalstudio Games

#Making Dead Village South African. ... See more

You will be driving this car in Dead Village. How awesome is that? Comment with another car you want to see?

11 hours ago

Guys, the MMORPG Engine is a fucking Trojan... I found malicious code encrypted in the files after discovering that a developer had hacked into my server from spain... Fortunately I logged his ... See more

1 day ago

Taking a little break from this group for a bit...I have a ton of work to get through in the next few weeks. I will be around, but not as active and the opensource project will have to take a back ... See more

2 days ago
Photos from Sbo Samkelo's post

Dead Village munchs, check out https://m.facebook.com/N.S.GAMEZ/?ref_component=mbasic_bookmark&ref_page=XMenuController&ref=opera_speed_dial

2 days ago

Afternoon says Dead Village. It is soon to be evening, go check it out at

2 days ago

The Blyde River Canyon of South Africa one of the largest green canyons on Earth.This and many others are some of the majestic places Mzito will be journeying to on his/her adventure to save Africa. ... See more

2 days ago

New #week
New #goals
New #fun

2 days ago

I prefer nokia, what do you prefer?

3 days ago

Just finished coding my enter and exit car script in C#. Now doing something else for the Dead Village. What do you suggest I do.

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